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As an author, your passion is to write. Designing, promoting, and selling is a lot of work. We take care of that while coaching you along the way.

Publishing To Top Distributors

Publishing To Top Distributors

Publishing To Top Distributors

Publishing To Top Distributors

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You have a great idea, but need someone to write it. And not just anyone, someone who really gets it -- and can get YOU in touch with the right readers and editors to proof your content. From planning and outline to cover design, your ideas can come to life without having to know how to do everything.


Copy editing, structural editing, developmental editing, and more. We help you navigate the world of editing with ease. Our consultation team will work with you to review your content and help guide you through the editing process.


You handle the product, we'll handle placement, pricing, and promotions. We will support you in getting your work seen by the right audience, and even provide coaching and guidance for your social and in-person presence.


Did you know that many distributors won't work with self-published authors? Did you know that they also don't work with 'publishers' who have only published their own work? This is why you need a publisher. Traditional is the longer route, while an independent publisher will be quicker to support you.


Full service means we will work with you from concept to completion of your goals. From drafting your concept to showing up at a book-signing, We are here for you to succeed. Our authors even get their own feature profile on our site. Check out a sample here.

Ongoing Reporting

We want you to know how well your book is doing so that you're motivated to write another, and another. When you work with us, we will provide time-bound reporting so you can track your success.

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